I say “a summer of 5ks,” but what I mean is three 5ks. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When we visited New Orleans, my mom and Aunt S took notice of the 5k participants. On our way to the Expo, we caught the back of the packers — one was even reading a book! I mentioned that the walk from our hotel to the Expo was basically a 5k, but we weren’t getting a medal at the end. They said, “Well, why not?” And so it was then that they decided to do a 5k this summer!

We decided on the Williamstown Derby Dash as their inaugural 5k. I assured them both that walking was fine, and in the 5ks I knew of, an hour was usually the time limit. And an hour was plenty for them. Mom joined me on my training runs and got her 5k to a satisfactory time. Aunt S trained on her own and was even jogging a bit instead of only walking.

The Derby Dash coincided with the town’s Derby Day festival. I didn’t really run this one. I walked most of it and then ran/walked the last mile. The course was an out and back that started at the Williamstown City Building. They had a soccer team (I can’t recall who, but they weren’t local) start last and bring up the rear of all the walkers. It was nice.

The three of us came in under an hour and were pleasantly surprised to receive finishers’ medals! When I signed us up, I hadn’t noticed anything about medals and wasn’t sure that we would be receiving them. I’m so happy we got them though as now my mom and aunt have more than a t-shirt from their first 5k!

In June, they participated in Georgetown’s Finest 5k with my dad. It’s an untimed obstacle course 5k. It looks fun and challenging, so I may do it with them next year.

Then they decided to join me on the Distillery Dash 5k, the first installment in the new Central Kentucky Beer, Bourbon, and Wine Cross Country Series. This run was at Masterson Station Park, and despite having an evening start time was sunny and hot. It was SO. HOT. I can’t emphasize how hot it was. Even amazing runners were swearing as they crossed the finish line because of the heat.

But we all finished! I’m so proud of my mom and aunt for doing these 5ks. I get to wait for them at the finish line and cheer them on and take their photos — I love it!

In place of a finisher’s medal, we got a finisher’s glass and three Town Branch samples (nice!).

I’m planning to do a half in Oregon — guess who will be signed up for the 5k?!

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