Georgia: Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah

I was not better.

The Training

As soon as I signed up, I downloaded a Jeff Galloway run/walk training plan. I created a schedule that included different workouts so I wouldn’t burn myself out on just running.

Even better, I had friends who trained with me because they had signed up to run the half too! It was fun to cheer them on while we trained. It also sometimes forced me to be a faster when I was with them because I had to keep up. However, there were plenty of times I would slow to a walk and wave them to go ahead without me.

I would love to say that I improved my time and running became easy. That would be a lie. Running is hard. And beyond running, I was constantly trying to figure out the best time to eat before a run and what to eat. Should I carry a water bottle, or should I wear my water bottle belt thing? Plus, the closer to race day we got, the more emails about the humidity we got. Yikes.

The Run

This was my first Rock ‘n’ Roll run. I knew there would be bands playing during the course, but that was about it.

The course takes you through the Savannah neighborhoods. It’s gorgeous. Spanish moss everywhere. Beautiful old buildings. It’s also relatively easy; there was a hill at the beginning of the race, but otherwise, it was a mostly flat course. And maybe I just don’t know what humidity is because, despite all the warnings about it, it didn’t feel particularly humid during the run.

The mile markers had fun facts about Savannah. Those were really cute. I was taking selfies by each one, but then I got closer to the finish and stopped. At mile 10 or 11, someone — not RnR but a random spectator! — had set up an inflatable dragon.

He was also very insistent that he take your photo! It was so nice and such at such a great time in the race.

The bands were great! I tried to clap and shout every time I passed one, but after mile 5 I was annoyed and tired.

Mile 5. Man. I was on pace. I was feeling a PR. I had trained! Then I hit mile 5 and had to make a quick stop. After that stop, it was like everything left me. I was sluggish. I walked. There was very little running after mile 5 unless a camera was nearby.

The start and finish locations were not well thought out, in my opinion. We had to take a ferry to get the start, which was near the ferry. The finish was one mile away from the ferry. One of my friends wasn’t able to finish because he had injured himself during the race. So the four of us had to walk another mile to get the ferry. They really should have switched these locations or something.

But it was probably all this walking that made my recovery quick. I was sore the next day but was pretty much fine after that. This was especially good because I had another half the next weekend.

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