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Kentucky: Run the Bluegrass 7-Miler

Run the Bluegrass again? Yep! But not the half. I signed up for the 7-miler. If you need a reminder, this course is hilly. That’s not any kind of exaggeration. I’m not saying “hilly”...


Kentucky: Buffalo Trace Distillery

Sometimes when you have meetings in Kentucky, you get to tour the oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States afterward! Shockingly, the Buffalo Trace Distillery is not on the Bourbon Trail. The Sazerac...


Louisiana: Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans

This is the first 10k I’ve done. I’d originally signed up for the half, but due to some time constraints with traveling family, we had to get back home by a certain time on...


2018 in (Very Brief) Review

This year feels like a blur. I’ve traveled a lot thanks to my Run 50 goal. I finished five half marathons but zero full marathons. I kissed the Blarney Stone. I was (kind of)...

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Kentucky, Review

Review: Rayden Valkyrie: Saga of a Lionheart

One of the neat things about the Kentucky Theater is that not only do they show a mix of mainstream and independent movies, they have special showings that feature local work. A friend of...


Decisions and a Step Back

I’m not running in the Dublin Marathon.


Ohio: Hamilton Nightglow Half Marathon

So Alaska was not my last half of the year after all. In my training plan, I realized that I had two 13.1 long runs scheduled, so I figured I might as well register for...


Alaska: Mayor’s Midnight Sun Half Marathon

I was in a hurry to get Alaska done. My “strategy” is to do a mix of close and far away states during a year so that I’m not left with a lot of...


Tennessee: Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville

In summary: Best spectators. Unforgiving hills.


DC: Rock ‘n’ Roll DC

I recently registered for a marathon and have started my training plan for it. As such, I’ve started considering my upcoming halfs as “training runs.” I know this is typical, but I still have...